Thank you for choosing Mortgage Centre Ottawa for your unique mortgage needs.   Whether you are purchasing a new home, consolidating debt or refinancing an existing property, we can help.  We work as an intermediary between you and a vast network of lenders who want your business.  We can get you the most favorable rates and the best terms.  We offer you the guidance you need to help you achieve your home ownership goals.  At Mortgage Centre City Ottawa, we have a dedicated team of accredited mortgage professionals (AMP’s) that are licensed across Canada through the Mortgage Centre Network in the province where your property of interest is.

If you are having difficulty getting a mortgage through traditional lending channels, if you are self employed or want to re-establish your credit, we can help.  We specialize in debt consolidation through refinancing and alternative lending.  At Mortgage Centre City Ottawa, we work for you, not the lender!

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Our Best Rates

Our Rates

TermBank RateOur Rate
6 Month4.75%3.10%
1 Year Closed3.49%2.99%
2 Year Closed3.19%2.94%
3 Year Closed3.64%3.19%
4 Year Closed3.99%3.29%
5 Year Closed4.94%3.39%
7 Year Closed5.39%3.69%
10 Year Closed6.09%3.94%
VRM Closed3.40%2.70%
Line of Credit4.20%3.70%
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